Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want a lollipop

I hear this request everyday and more than once from David. The boy would live on lollipops. But, the sweet treat came in handy for potty practice yesterday. David went potty 2times! I was so excited! He's done it before in the past few months, but I realized that once he knew it was important to me, he wouldn't do it. Even at the age of 2, the motivation to be in control is what drives you. I know it's no big deal, and not to hurry him- he's not going to go to kindergarten in diapers, but I am very eager to STOP BUYING DIAPERS. He is becoming a little boy and not a toddler anymore. The big brother is starting to come out and he is so sweet with Daniel. They have their occasional moments, but usually they play together well and he imitates everything Daniel does b/c he sees how it gets attention. I can't believe how they both are growing, right before my eyes. I try to hold onto the "mommy moments' - singing to them before bed and cuddling. They are already starting the 'stop mom, leave me alone phase' . But, I will continue as long as I can.
Jan. and Feb. have been crummy months for us. David spent 3 weeks with diarrhea and feeling bad. He had to stay out of school a few times. Now, Daniel started with it this past week and he too, had to come home from school early. Brian and I have both suffered colds for over a week and are taking turns with the stomach bug this weekend. Our valentine's day was unromantic to say the least, except for the wonderful sexy red roses I received from my wonderful hubby. I have spent many quiet moments reminding myself that I am blessed regardless of how crappy I feel and I know it could be worse. I do have to admit, endurance takes on a whole new meaning when you have children and you are sick. Those days of pulling the covers over your head and sleeping the funk away are gone. Too many of you, thank you for your prayers for my clan and the many words of encouragement. I anticipate entering back into the "land of the living" and am hoping it prevails soon.

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