Sunday, July 26, 2009

Disney and friends

So, we took the kids to Disney. My wonderful husband surprised me and made plans for us to go on his birthday. What a sweetie! Since I missed my chance on my b-d and was quite bummed about it, I guess he felt bad. We've had this debate for awhile now that we should wait and go to amusements parks when the boys are older, b/c they won't care enough, won't behave, or remember it all. Anyway, I guess I won the debate and here we are. My parents even came up and surprised me inside the park. It was a lot of fun and I think the kids really did enjoy it although it seemed they liked running through the "water park" more than anything and having huge rainbow popsicles- all of which can be enjoyed in our backyard. go figure. I was a little pooped after the big day. The heat has had its toll on me, being pregnant and all. Unfortunately, my camera broke after gettting wet so I missed some great moments- but it was a fun day and I look forward to going back sometime next year. The pic on the bottom is of Brian's best friend Danny and his girl Vickie. He graciously came up one weekend and helped w/the pole barn- we got to go out for dinner with them .. It was delicious Carrabba's and I ate until I was stuffed. Yum!!! Food tastes so much better now, when I can go out and enjoy it, every morsel a time and have someone else prepare it for me.


Abby and Jacob said...

Jacob and I have that debate too. I dont care much for Disney, but I'm itching to go to Sea World and I think it would be fun to watch Josiah be amazed at the size of whales. Of course, he's not quite to the point where he would care yet! I'm glad you had fun. Take care of your pregnant self!

Teri said...

So glad you had fun and you be careful trapsing all over tarnation while you are preggers young lady! ha ha, I had to say it. It sounds like a fun but exhausting day, I love the added surprise of parents when you got in! Hmm.. how can I hint that to my mom.... =)
Love the pics, too cute!

Katie said...

What a GREAT surprise!! Way to go, Bryan!!! And your parents, too! Man...glad you guys enjoyed it. Daniel looks incredibly tall in that picture of him by himself. Hope to see you guys soon.

annie said...

Glad you got to go to Disney!! Brian sure got himself some brownie points!! What a nice surprise :)