Monday, October 5, 2009

Daniel turns 2!

Happy Birthday Daniel!! You turned two this past week. It is hard to believe you are such a "little man". I remember you as a tiny baby, like it was yesterday. You came into our lives and have filled your mommy and daddy with so much joy and laughter. Your personality is contagious and your smile lights up any room. You can be vivacious and gentle all at the same time, with the best kisses in the world- full of affection and sloppy wet. You are however, full of spunk and love to hit things. Daddy's new nickname for you is "Bam-Bam"- from the baby in the Flintstones. Unfortunately, this has gotten you in a lot of trouble recently because sometimes you hit the wrong things or people, esp. your brother. You and David are learning to play well together and sometimes it sounds like your calling him "Daniel" so I think you think there are two of you. You still love Elmo, but like all of the things that David does too. Tractors, trains, and trucks. You love to push your dump truck all over the yard and make truck sounds and drive your trains around the track, saying "all aboard and choo-choo". You are very independent and get frustrated if someone tries to help you. And, you are showing some interest in going potty- you get upset when we put diapers on you because you want to wear pull-ups with Woody on them. You are saying so many words and short sentences! Always saying thank you and have learned to apologize. You are very athletic too. You kick a soccer ball like a pro and always kick with your left foot. Ironically, you are also quite clumsy- running into walls, tripping over your own feet and bumping your head on the doors and cabinets. Your poor little noggin is sure hard.
You really seem to love music. You dance anytime it's playing and tap your feet in the car with your head bobbing up and down. You love to eat and eat just about anything, however you don't like mac-n-cheese, like David. The biggest highlight of your life is POPSICLES. You light up like nothing I've seen when you get one.

Daniel means (God is my judge). He was a man of impeccable integrity and did not sin, despite living and serving in a corrupt land. He held fast to his faith in his God and was persistent in prayer, prophesying through dreams with discernment that was given to him by God.
Although, you are only two and your behavior is sporadic and chaotic at times, your daddy and I have seen these qualities in you as you have grown. Your heart is open for all to see and you enjoy life moment to moment, trusting with a humble compassion. Your persistence is evident in everything you do and you seem to discern a situation carefully. We pray fervently that your life will unfold as Daniel's did in Babylon and you too will stand firm to your faith. We pray that you will give your heart to God and lead others through your faithfulness and example. We love you very much and thank Yahweh for you everyday.

Grandma & Papa bought you a cool new tractor, that plays music.


Katie said...

He definitely does great hugs and is so incredibly cute. So proud of him. Seems like he was born walking! Missed seeing you guys today.

annie said...

I can't believe he's already 2! Looks like a yummy cake, I'm sure he enjoyed it! :)

Abby and Jacob said...

Surely he's not really two yet! Wow! And soon he's going to be big brother, too! He is a cutie with quite the little personality. Its fun watching your boys grow.