Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog slacker

So, I am obviously horrible with this blogger thing. When do people find the time for facebook, and blogs anyway? It's not because my life is so exciting that I can't get to the computer. It's a number of things, actually. We still have dial-up, that's one good reason. Yeh, can you believe it? 9 miles out of town and can't get high speed, ridiculous I know. And, my kids like a lot of attention. Daniel is in to everything and I mean everything. If it's not tied down, he gets it. Jake's food bowl lives on top of the counter. Poor dog, he can't even get a meal half of the time. And while Daniel is being mister mischieveous, David is throwing his matchbox cars across the living room just to get a rise out of me. Do you think it works? Take a guess. They are great though. Doing well at their new preschool. Praise the Lord, He answered our prayer. Long story short. After one day at the other school, I got an unexpected call from the Christian Academy down the road in Williston saying she had spots for both of them. Originally, I was told not to expect any openings until next summer. It is working out pretty well and it's convenient and they both seem to enjoy it. Of course, going to daycare one can expect cooties and they've both had 'em. Pink eye for both of them and runny noses all week. Watching them together is getting fun. Daniel wants everything big brother David has and most of the time that's not okay by David. They are learning to play together more. They chase each other around the house cackling. Daniel is a nut. That's what I say and now David says it too. It's quite funny. David's sings his ABC's, most of the letters don't sound right but he does a good job. And he likes to help, with loading the washer/dryer, picking up toys; he helped me weed the other day. Daniel's been walking since 10 1/2 months so outside the boy is like Houdini. No matter how I try to distract him, he manages to pull all the solar lights out of the yard! He has tunnel vision, sets his mind to something and doesn't give up. He's going to be one in a few weeks, can't believe it! Will post pics.
Until then don't hold your breath for my next entry. But, I'll try to do better.

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