Saturday, December 5, 2009

A month old!- can you believe it?

Reagan likes bath time

David sharing his trains- what a great big brother

" Sleeping like a baby"

Taking turns holding little brother

Too cute for words!

Reagan is a month old today. Wow! Not only does it seem like it's gone by quick, but I am starting to realize my days of "maternity leave" are also going by quick. Oh well. My new year's resolution is to BE PEACEFUL and I am already striving to accomplish my goal, even before the new year has begun. Taking for granted David and Daniel, I found myself wrapped up like a stress ball. I was always trying to accomplish too much, or getting frustrated when their need took precedence over my desire or want. Now, I am still a ball of stress but I am aware of my selfish tendencies and "craving peace". Joyce Meyer did a great job grilling this into my head yesterday, as I listened to her speak on this and I am encouraged that it is mine for the taking, as long as I ask and follow the instruction of the Lord and CRAVE IT!
The first month, or actually the first 3 weeks at home have been better than I had expected. Reagan is a good baby, sweet as can be and eating like a champ. In the past, I faced many struggles with breastfeeding so I have been pleasantly surprised and thankful that it is going well this time, so far. His 2 week checkup last week was evidence of God's grace- he weighed 7# 15oz which means he has gained about 1oz/day.....more than enough. Yahoo!
He has already been to church once and on a car trip to grandma and papa stalnaker's for Thanksgiving. He is a very good travel companion, hardly ever crying when he's in his car seat and he likes to take his big brothers to school......he knows then he has mommy all to himself. He doesn't like a pacifier unless it's a crucial moment and he sleeps well, eating about every 3 hrs. He loves to sleep on his belly but would rather be held every moment of the day, if possible. That's o.k. though because I love to hold him and cuddle, which is where I am off to now.

Grammy B came to visit and help


Abby and Jacob said...

He can't possibly be a month old yet!!! Are you sure? He's too sweet. I'm glad the feedings and sleeping are going well for you. Soak up all the time you can with him now.

Katie said...

You should be resting but I'm SOOO glad you posted. I will come back to your words constantly about not be a ball of stress. You have been such a wonderful example for me. Thank you for sharing. HE just gets cuter...

Suzanne said...

Praise God for all going so well. Your honesty is so refreshing. I can soo relate (though not really since I only have 2). You are amazing! What a sweet token of love to have the trains all lined up for baby Regan.