Saturday, December 19, 2009

My new addiction.

"peace love happiness"
David "helping" daddy make sure the tree is straight

David had a big job this year- putting the star on top!

And who wouldn't love a little Daniel "craziness".
this is his big boy move,or so he says.
As I pulled off the highway, onto Archer Rd. and came to a screaching halt. I sat and watched car after car go by and then come to a stand still across three lanes. I felt a sense of excitement and relief. I had just realized that I didn't have to be one of these halted cars, packed across lanes and lanes of busy traffic. Once I purchased my goods from Publix, I was headed home, away from the chaos. I WAS DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! ahhhhh, what a good feeling it was.
For the first year ever, I am not up til the last minute, standing in lines and feeling panicked to find the perfect gift. How could this be? Was I superwoman? No. I have discovered online shopping. I have been a critic in the past and felt it was too impersonal and tacky. But, because of my circumstances this year, I realized there wasn't any way to accomplish gift buying ( and staying sane) unless I changed my ways. I am hooked, however, as I realized with a click of a button my purchases were being processed, wrapped and on their way. Thank you UPS! No crowds, no lines, no fighting for space, or with my kids, and better yet free shipping (mostly). Since gifts is one of my love languages, for those who know Chapman's book, 'The Five Love Languages'; I generally get heart palpitations and feelings of glee as I shop the sales and hit the stores buying gifts for others. I love to buy things for people, for myself too but really it is so much easier ( and fun) to get things for others. I do enjoy receiving gifts as many also do, but finding that perfect gift can be such a challenge. It has been a disappointment since the arrival and maintenance of 3 little boys that my gift giving and shopping has diminished. I truly desire to be in the trenches, touch the merchandise, browse TJ Maxx (can you feel your heart racing?) but I have come to the conclusion that my days of browsing and "going" are over or at least limited for awhile. The good news is: I save a lot of money, my kids are happier at the play area in the mall, and I am more decisive when I do get to shop because the attention span of a 3 1/2 year old is about 3 minutes. That's a good thing. So, for those that are receiving gifts from me this year, please know that my heart did go into it and I enjoyed shopping for you but for those who won't be getting a gift, please know that my heart yearned to buy you something and one day I'll make it up to you.


annie said...

Finally! I love the rush of the stores as well.. but most of my stuff comes from online. I love coming home everyday to a porch full of presents!

Abby and Jacob said...

Maybe next year we can trade. I hate to do the shopping, but would be happy to stay at home with the kids. So you do my shopping and I'll watch your kids! (I'm serious)

Michele said...

Anything that helps you be less indecisive while shopping is a good thing, right! I may be acquiring that portion of your indecisiveness...I spend what seems like forever trying to determine whether something will work for my family/friends - especially young kids with siblings(now if one gets this and the other gets that, will they fight over it...whats fair? what did I give last year? shouldn't I be consistent...)I find it difficult to be creative and be fair/consistent among my nieces and nephews - almost easier to give the same ting to each one. As Mike is frequently reminding me, stop over-thinking it, Shelie! Anyway - I don't share your extreme joy of shopping but do love thinking about everyone during these special holidays and wish we could be there to share in the excitement.

PS love the photos of the boys!