Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not the norm

I could eat this kid alive!!
There's those cheeks again!
Surfing the waves in St. Augustine
Grammy Borges loves me
My "hard working men"

We had a great visit with Brian's parents. It seems we've managed to keep up a tradition. Ever since David's 1st birthday Ron and Clare have come out to celebrate. Besides the fact that it is a pleasant time to visit Florida, we love having them- and I think it makes David feel special that they come for his birthday. I don't think Daniel has figured it all yet, or else he'll start expecting it for his birthday too and then it might get difficult. The week went so fast; it never feel long enough and the tears weld up when the goodbyes are said. We hung out at the house the first few days, since I was working. Wednesday, we went out with an attempt to get a bike for David, for his birthday. I don't know why this seemed so important to me. It didn't to him. All he cares about is trucks and trains and while we tried to have him test-drive one, his attention was at the Thomas train table or mostly with Daniel. Those two test drove every electric two-seater jeep and car they had. I really think those cars are cool, yet I kept thinking it'd be best to have him learn how to ride a bike before learning to drive a car. That's what is wrong today. Kids don't know how to be kids. Go back to the "bare bones". Play outside, build forts, chase butterflies through the yard, run in the sprinklers, eat popsicles in the sun, write a check. Oops. That one is for me, I seem to be resistant to too much technology. Thursday, we went to St. Augustine. Brian wasn't thrilled, he'd like to never set foot on a beach but the boys were excited and I love it b/c then he'll be more apt to go b/c of them. Yet, I am more partial to the gulf we set out to show grammy and pappoo a good time. We stopped at an old antique place along the way, and the boys were in hog heaven looking at tractors and old farm equipment. There was even a train car they got to go on. It was a fun day and the weather was beautiful. Friday and Saturday were filled up with preparing for David's party and getting together with everybody Sat. morning.

Since Brian and I started our family, I feel a sense of loss being far away from our parents. It could be worse. My parents are only 3 hours away, yet we don't get together as often as one would think. Work keeps us very busy, of course and we enjoy being at our church on Sunday's, especially since I work ever other weekend. Now that Brian is teaching a class, it presents more of an issue to take off for the weekend.
Having my in-laws here is always a joy. I know many people that don't have great relationships with their spouse's parents, so I feel very grateful to have them. Calling them mom and dad is still strange sometimes, although I don't know why. They have welcomed me into their family with open arms and are parents that I would gladly consider my own. When my past relationship ended, I prayed and prayed that I would meet someone who was apart of a large family and God answered my prayer faithfully. Actually, even better than I had hoped.

It is fun to see them with the boys. Since Reagan made 12 grandkids for them, they have a little more experience than my own parents. They'll take off with all 3 and go run errands or take them to the mall and lunch. It is so nice to feel comfortable to let them do that and it definitely helps me out. My parents came up for David's birthday too, which was a lot of fun having both sets of grandparents here. That definitely helped me out! (Brian and I had our first date night in about 6mths. Dinner AND a movie!) My parents are getting the hang of it and realizing, I think, that if we keep adding to the numbers they'll have to keep up. Whether they want to or not! It has been fun to watch them grow into their role, seeing them act up and be silly and take such pride in everything the boys do. I realize more and more, each day what a blessing it is to have parents that are still dedicated to each other and act as role models to the kids.


Abby and Jacob said...

Julie, I see A LOT of you in Reagan. Such a cutie!

I'm glad you had a good time for David's bday. I've been begging Jacob for probably 2-3 years to go to the beach (we grew up there) and now I'm hoping that with Josiah it will happen.

Suzanne said...

So sweet. So busy! Is your ticker on Reagan right??? 6 plus months. That seems crazy. Such an adorable family. Praise God for multiple generations pouring love into their/your lives.