Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Reagan for President"

Learning to explore new activites

Loving the cool water of Heart Springs

His first ride in the swing.

Posing for mommy

Dedication Sunday. Went to Grandma Mo's after church for Mother's Day lunch.

6 Months.............gone. The months have flown by. Reagan is going to be 7 months old in a few days. Maternity leave seems like a century ago. (But, sometimes I still wish I had those quiet, peaceful moments at home- just he and I, cuddling and sleeping the day away). Those days have been replaced with activity and chaos at every corner. Most days we start early, ~6:15 although Reagan sleeps through the night now, David and Daniel rise early and are bouncing off the walls by 8:30 if they haven't made it outside. Reagan likes to wake up ~ 5:30 and laugh and kick in his crib, usually a poopy diaper is part of the ritual as well. Thankfully, he drifts back to sleep with a little coaxing and will give me a little time to get the big boys settled before I am drastically out-numbered.

I have had many friends and such ask me if going from 1-2 was worse than 2-3? I find that I don't know how to answer because the season of life that is taking place, usually seems overwhelming at the time. It is definitely harder now with 3 but I have a schedule for most of my days and know how I like to do things. It's funny b/c, one would think going out with your husband would make everything a little easier. However, since I with all 3 by myself the majority of time, I get flustered when I have help. I'd have to say that Brian probably feels the same way. He has his routine when he has them all and I come in and usually try to take over, screwing him up.
Reagan is a little charmer. Very even tempered and very easy-going. He must know that he has to be, with all the other chaos that is going on around him, but he is a really good sport about it. I know I keep saying this, but I really can't believe 6 months has gone by. He'll be up walking soon, especially if he takes after his brothers. He's trying to scoot around on his belly right now, and cannot be trusted when left on his own. I am hoping he does walk early. I generally find it easier, in some ways. This boy is getting heavy! He weighed in at 20lbs. this past week and is all chub. The poor little guy even has a "mystery penis" b/c of all of his rolls. I am assured that one day it'll pop out, but Brian admittedly is a bit concerned. :) Now, he is getting a tooth so I guess the food will have to keep a coming.
The eyes still have it for me. His "baby blues" are mesmerizing and look deep into mine. I wonder what he is thinking and wait with anticipation to hear the many things he's been wanting to say. Right now, Brian and I are each pushing for him to say "mama" or "dada". If I remember correctly, it seems the other boys said "dada" first, so I am hoping for "mama" this time. I think my prayers are working, b/c I've heard him say what sounds like "mama" a few times lately- even David agrees to it.
Unfortunately, he has had an ear infection since the first of April. I have given him 4 oral antibiotics and finished a three-day course of IM injections this weekend. Hopefully, he'll heal from this particular "bug" and move on. But, if he doesn't or if he gets another infection soon after, we'll probably have to put tubes in. I know this isn't a big deal, but it would be nice to think we could skip that route.
I have yet to start his baby book, yet I have everything ready to do it. I dream of the perfect book I'll make for him one day but keeping up is obviously a struggle and I'd rather watch him grow than drive myself crazy with that which has past. One day, it'll get done. Thankfully, there are photo books.

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Abby and Jacob said...

Mystery penis! My eyes bulged when I read that until I went on to the explanation. I had to laugh!

Poor guy with his ear infections.