Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Fun

One of our new traditions in October  is going to the Coon Hollow corn maze.  Apparently this is the second year and it has grown tremendously with new activities and amenities, since last year.  The concept is so simple and given the resources, this family has taken their many acres and grown some corn and added a few little buildings for food and selling jams and pumpkins and 'Viola!', you have a fun family activity for fall.  The kids usually spend some time climbing on the stack of hay bales and take a ride in the barrels.  But, their favorite thing to do is run through the corn maze with their daddy.  He makes it much more exciting than I do and this year I had Reagan and a nauseous belly so we sat out.  Overall, it was a really enjoyable day and it always gets me in the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Typically, I feel pressured as Halloween creeps up on me.  For some reason I have to work hard to come up with costume ideas and I make it more of big deal than it deserves.  Neither David or Daniel would dress up last year and of course Reagan can't put up a fight.  But, this year I was determined to go all out and head to our big church event, Trunk or Treat.  After a few discussions and persuasion, David decided to be Buzz Lightyear and Daniel would be Bob the Builder.  Thankfully, the consignment store came to my rescue and Reagan was a lion.  So, off to church we go.......Sunday afternoon, after waking up from naps and a long day all ready.......David was a good sport, motivated by candy ( he was convinced that he wouldn't get any, unless he was dressed up). Daniel, on the other hand had a melt down from the moment he woke up and refused to wear his outfit. (he still got candy ;)  Reagan was very happy about his ferocious get-up but he went through with it and was cute as can be.  The evening was fun, energy (sugar)packed and probably not worth the late night but in this world of childhood memories, it had to be done.  A special  thank you to my sweet, patient husband who helped the effort every step of the way.  muuaaah!!


Amy and the Boys said...

I'm in love w that pic of Reagan in his costume! It's absolutely adorable!!!!!

Abby and Jacob said...

I second Amy's comment

Katie said...

Me too! Cute cute cute. I can't believe how different he looks. While I was reading about Daniel having a meltdown all I could think was "we're going and we're going to have a good time, got it?". Miss you guys so much. I have heard so much about the trunk & treat that I feel like I was there. Wish so much we had been there.