Saturday, November 6, 2010

More progress day by day

This past week, Reagan turned 11months old.  This is significant to me, because he is not one yet and can still feel like my baby.  Since my last post of him at 9 months, he's decided to crawl for real.  Now, no more worm action. He moves fast too, I am afraid he's going to get a rug burn scooting from one side of the living room to the next.  He's pulling up on things and standing, especially in his crib.  He acts like he's the coolest kid around because he can stand up- it's so sweet too because usually he's blabbering or saying momma until I dont' answer, then he starts calling dada.  For some reason, I am not too excited about his first birthday.  I know it'll be exciting, because it's supposed to be, but it is so huge- he'll be one, never to be a baby again.  I was craddling him in my arms yesterday and realized, he was almost too big for that already.  What an incredible journey the first year is. There are so many changes and accomplishments and yet each year will unfold like that, as long as we have them.  His blue eyes still amaze me and his toothy grin can light up the world.  Changing his diaper, however, takes 4-point restraints.  He tries to roll over and won't allow you to put his diaper on or snap his britches, I am usually out of breath once I finish with him. It's ridiculous but he thinks it's hysterical. He is already into the boys trucks and gets in their way, but David and Daniel are so kind to him and actually play with him to help me out when I am making dinner. He is eating some solids now, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, nilla wafers and puffs.  It freaks Brian out because he likes to put the whole wafer in his mouth and suck on it.  His birthday is right around the corner and the expectations are high, that he'll be walking.  I know this isn't fair, but it seems right because the other boys were walking at 10.5 months.  We'll see.  I'll try not to be too disappointed but I plan to practice with him until then.  
Speaking of the other boys, David has started pre-K officially and going everyday to school.  Some days are only mornings and I pick him up for lunch but the other days he stays like usual until I wake up from post-call. He seems to be more comfortable in his shell and making friends. His "best friend' right now is Elijah. I thought this was really cool until I realized that Elijah is always saying "holy crap" and I thought 'well that doesn't seem like something you'd here from Elijah'.  So, we're working on that.  It is a difficult process teaching David and Daniel how to stand apart from others, at such a young age.  I give David credit for trying though.  We talk about praying for the kids at school, if they aren't nice or say bad words and they both are learning to walk away from confrontation.  It really tugs on my heart though when I realize that someone has hurt their feelings or David said to me the other day, in response to me saying, 'you should pray for him'.  He said "well, he doesn't pray for me'. And I thought, what a difficult concept to grasp at 4 years old but he is getting it more than I realize and I know the wheels are turning, with the seed that we are planting, and thankfully God will do the rest.
Daniel's been going in the mornings with David. They didn't want to be separated. They are in different "curriculum" classes but for play time, the 3's and 4's are combined, so they get to be together and they both really seem to like that. A few days after his 3rd birthday, he decided to go to bed without his pacifier. I almost wanted to find it for him, but I caught myself and he's made it without it ever since.  His maturity level is definitely not up to David's and he's into throwing temper tantrums lately, so he's getting more spankings than David. Yes, we're one of those "types of families" but these boys, it's necessary and effective.
The mornings are nice to have with only Reagan and know the kids are learning.  God seems to be taking care of things at their school.  I've been happy with the new teachers and director and have seen more church member involvement, which is encouraging.  I feel a little guilty taking them to "school" each morning, but they seem to like it and it is helpful.  I think if I didn't work, I'd really guilty but those few hours in the morning are about the only moments to myself and I am trying to make the most of them.  I actually was able to read my Bible three days in a row last week.

So, life is moving  But it is so sweet these boys make it worth it.

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Abby and Jacob said...

How is it that each of your boys looks so different yet they all look distinctly like Borges'?! Too cute! Jacob and I have been wondering about our next one :)