Saturday, March 5, 2011

A year in pictures.......

Hi!  I turned 1 year old Nov. 7 (2010).  You wouldn't know it though, because my mom hasn't posted my pictures or blogged about it yet.  But, 'see, that's me with my presents, so it's really true'.  I had a great party! My papa and grandma from Florida were there, and some friends from church.  Our neighbors, the Minors even came- oh! and "grandma Mo".  I couldn't walk yet, but I made it around the yard anyway- mostly taking wagon rides, if anyone was willing to pull me. 
This is me enjoying my cake. I did everything just like I was told to do- see my big icing face? My cake was cool.  The lady at Publix decorated it with jungle animals, just from looking at a napkin.  My daddy's nickname for me is "spider monkey" so I guess the jungle theme was a good idea.  :) Here, I have four teeth, 2 on the top and bottom and I manage to eat just about anything.
I went to a birthday party for one of our pals Sammy.  It was really chilly but I loved playing on the jungle gym, so I didn't mind the cold.
Here are my brothers.  They are pretty cool, I can't wait until I can run through the corn maze with them.  We went to the Corn Hollow corn maze but I hung out with mommy. She's pregnant with my baby brother, and pushing me through the maze in my stroller didn't seem like fun since she was nauseated all the time. You wouldn't know about my baby brother either, because she has yet to mention it since finding out in September.  I guess she's been really busy with me and my brothers because she is way behind on this blogging thing.  Anyway, he should be here in a few months.  
                          I finally figured out how to crawl.  So watch out, 'Here I come!'
My brother David loves to wrestle with me, and I am pretty good at it, too.  My mommy calls me "blue eyes". Now you can see why. 
I may not be able to walk, but that doesn't stop me.  I am learning how to push the trains around the track so I can join in with my big brothers one day.  That's one of their favorite things to do. Now, I see why.
I went on an adventure with my family to California to see my cousins and my grammy and pappoo Borges.  Pappoo let me try on his patrol hat.  Maybe I'll be a police man one day.
I am big enough to sit in the swing and it always makes me laugh.  My mommy pushes me high, and I like it because I can be outside with my brothers when they're playing.
My mommy must've snuck up on me here, because I don't remember this one.  I am pretty cute, though- huh?
Apparently, I am very little here.  I don't drool now. Sweet pose with bum. Can anyone resist?
Seriously, just because one can't defend oneself, it doesn't mean you take advantage of him.  My mommy and daddy thought it'd be funny for me to try on BubbaQ's teeth from the kids meal.  I guess I'll fit right in living in the country.
My first trip to the beach.  We took grammy and pappoo Borges to St. Augustine when they came out in April.  It was very windy and sandy, and I don't remember liking it that much but hopefully next time, mommy will remember to bring the umbrella.
My first trip across country.  My mommy and I went when I was 2months old to visit grammy and pappoo and my cousins.  I was a good boy and traveled very well on the plane.
I was very sleepy because I had been visiting all day, out in California.  It felt good to take a big nap. (January)
For some reason I could sleep just about any which least during day, that is.  Here I am taking a precious nap. 
Probably my first bath, (note the date) but I'll give my mommy and daddy the benefit of the doubt.  Apparently, bath time is not priority with each new coming child.
I loved to snuggle down in my boppy.  I could sleep this way for hours.
My big brother Daniel. I don't think he liked me very much at first, but likes me a lot now.  He chases me around the bean bag and dances in the living room with me. 
Here I am. Brand new me. November 7, 2010.


Jill said...

Dear Reagan,

You are such a cutie and such a talented writer. It was so kind of you to help your mom by updating the blog. Keep up the good work! We'll look forward to your next installment.

Mrs. Tilley

Kristen said...

This was such a cute little blog Reagan! I'm impressed that you can read and write before you can walk!! Take care of your mommy while she's expecting!!