Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome Home sweet little guy

You know that saying?  Something about "tiny footprints on your heart" or 'you stomped on my heart,  or "pitter- patter go the little feet that stole my heart'?  O.k. , no not really. I can't remember it either but basically what I am trying to say is that, our little guy came into our lives quietly it seemed and suddenly (it would seem), considering his impending arrival has never been mentioned.  But, it would sound silly to say that it was a surprise.  We have been trusting God for years with our family planning (obviously) but the big surprise was, realizing that God was entrusting us to raise another child.  What an awesome privilege and gift.  Brian and I were amazed and totally excited!  I could not wait to tell him the news that I regret to say, there was no romantic prelude or scavenger hunt, or daddy's #1 button.  Only a text message and a little picture with two lines that revealed our awesome gift.  Tacky I know, but that's the way it is nowadays- sad, but true.
My pregnancy went well, as usual.  There was concern about how well my uterus would hold up, considering past surgeries but each prenatal visit, everything looked fine.  I suffered from nausea for about 3 months but eventually it went away and for the most part, I enjoyed being pregnant.  I waited impatiently to see my belly grow and delighted in the first flutters and kicks that were made.  I could sit and watch my expanding waist line move like jello, for hours and hours and never bore.  You, little guy, although you were the fourth; did not come into this world unappreciated.  I felt like I had been pregnant for the first time.  It was always exciting to me.  I do have to be honest, it was more difficult with the other boys. Reagan was learning to walk and gain independence and David and Daniel required more and more discipline.  There were those days but the big day always sneaks up on me.  We planned to have the surgery at 38weeks, just to be on the safe side and surprisingly we made it.  The morning was hectic, getting the kids ready for school and out the door but my mind stayed focused on what was to come.  What a grand day! Grammy and Pappoo Borges and Grandma and Papa Stalnaker were there for the delivery, which was such a treat.  Everything went as expected, and your little self was sprung into the world and in daddy's arms at 10:16 am April 21st. 

Your daddy and I thought you looked a lot like David at first but as time as gone on, many see resemblance to Reagan.  Your hands and fingers appeared long and you had more hair than the other boys, and blue eyes.  Two blue eyed boys and two brown eyed ones.  What a treat!  I came home early, one day, which seemed too soon but the first week was precious.  My recovery went well although very sore as expected, but having your grandparents here was so helpful and I felt that I could rest as I should.  Watching your brothers explore their big brother roles with you has been exciting and dangerous at times.  Reagan wants to love you so much that he hurts you and some days he likes to lick your hair, while attempting to kiss you.  Life is extremely hectic but our schedule is getting sorted out.  You are such a good baby, sleeping almost through the night and napping well.  I have tried to be more careful of my diet to aid with better digestion and it seems to be paying off.  Not many days of upset with your belly and I have been able to sustain you, which has been an answer to prayer.  I anticipate watching you develop as these days carry on.  You are so special to us Jordan. 


Annie said...

Yay!! What an exciting post :) What a beautiful little man!!

Katie said...

I'm with Annie on that one~YEAH!!! A Borges post. So miss you guys. You're doing great o' Moma of four!! Hang in there.

Abby and Jacob said...

It must be so strange to wake up and know that you are going to have a baby by (fill in the blank) o'clock! :)

He's a beautiful baby and yay for blue eyes!

Suzanne said...

so sweet! We thank God for you Jordan!!! (and your sweet Mommy too)