Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's play catch up

The good thing about a blog, is you are able to write things down so you can remember them.  The bad thing is, I have to write things down, so I don't forget them!  The summer has come and gone- AMAZING! Jordan is 5 months, Daniel just had his 4th birthday and Reagan celebrates his second birthday next month.  David's first year of school is going well, and I feel so grateful that he is able to learn about God and worship while he works on his academics.  WCCA is really turning out to be a special place and we are making new friendships as the year goes on. 
July - We went out to Oregon for a family reunion.  Jordan's first plane ride at 3months, which he did great.  It was the other boys who made it crazy. ( I felt sorry for us- forget the people around us! ;)   This is outside the Riesterer farm, where Brian's mom Clare grew up.  The weather was a chilly 60 degrees somedays, I couldn't believe we were wearing jackets in July.  We actually had a fire going one day while we were up in Sunriver.  The week was so relaxing. We mostly hung out but the kids were all over the place, with their cousins riding bikes (David rode w/o training wheels the whole week) , watching movies, getting chased by the big girls- which David and Daniel still talk about.  They loved every minute of it!
Jordan learned to smile this trip.  Aunt Tammy had just given him a bath in the kitchen sink and he loved to listen to her sing.  I always come home, praying that I might sound as beautiful with my voice but she is much more talented.  One night she sang David and Daniel to sleep with a silly song about their day, that she had made up second by second and it sounded awesome.  If only!!  I always look forward to spending time with she and Stephanie (sister in law).  It is such a blessed time of girl talk and motherly advice.  A few jacuzzi nights with a glass of wine were perfect relaxation from the chaos of keeping up with all of the boys and visiting with family. 
Jordan was a charmer.  All I had to do was feed him and then pass him on to the girls and grammy, who were patiently waiting to snuggle. 

Reagan got a lot of snuggles too.  Here he is with Aunt Tammy.  Unfortunately, he was sick the first few days and then managed to spread it to me, Tammy, Schuyler, Reilly, and Satchel.  Poor Schuyler got the worst of it, I felt so bad for her.  Each night, each family "hosted" dinner.  It is always a great idea, ours was good ole' bar-b-q.  Yum! And then one night we had birthday cake to celebrate everyone's birthdays since we never get a party together.  That was a big hit too.

Reagan couldn't get enough of hanging out with his cousins.  They all were outside from dusk 'til dawn. 
 Reagan was smitten with his cousin River- he puts a little peck on her, but she's not quite sure about it ;0
The kids all rode down to the village shops and ran around. The weather wasn't so good but there was a bounce house and bumper cars, which the big kids were able to do.  Last stop was the candy shop!
Pappo taking a bite out of Reagan's sweet feet.
 David got up the nerve to try rock climbingas long as  Uncle Kevin would give him a lift.
 David rode around the culdesac at least a hundred times. I think even his big cousin Jarrett got wore out. (honestly, I dont' think David knew how to stop, so he just kept going)
Our trip was a blast!  I could go on and on.  I have a picture for every making beignets with the boys, taking the kids to the Desert Museum, all the kids playing baseball in the backyard, Daniel getting a haircut and crying the all time, Steph's great taco night and our visit on the farm.   Definitely a cherished time with family and I can hardly wait until next time.  Thanks mom and dad "B" for such a great vacation!

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