Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daniel gets his day

No, you aren't crazy. You haven't missed anything.  Yes, I am posting about my 2nd son's 4th birthday, which occured last Sepetember.  Even though I am so behind, I couldn't stand to let it go.  Four things that stand out about Daniel's personality are:
1. he has a quick temper
2. very independent
3. not fearful of a thing. will try just about anything ( and live to tell about it)
4. will always stop to cuddle
We celebrated his birthday with an impromptu house party at the new house.  It was a little pressed considering we had literally just moved our beds to the new place and everything else was in transit.  But, thankfully Daniel didn't seem to notice and everyone knows that cupcakes can make anything special. 
Four years has gone fast and being the second child, there are many things I find I don't remember and some things pass us by without much notice.  Daniel has picked up on things easily, from potty training to learning to ride a bike; which he did this year.  He is always coming up with a question or a thought he wants to telling me recently that God is very very big and is stronger than daddy's tractor or telling me how he's going to fight off the rattlesnake I keep telling him he's going to find, running through the woods.  My heart melted the other day, when he told me 'mommy, no matter if I'm six, seven, or eight I will always be your snugglebug'.  He can hardly wait to be 5.  He talks about it all of the time, especially since David has started school and I can hardly imagine him having to wait a full year to be in kindergarten because he misses the cut off.  He really likes school and seems to thrive on doing his crafts, coloring and learning his words and letters, as well as writing his name.  He moves from one activity to the next and loves to climb on everything.......the kitchen table, magnolia tree, register belt in Publix, you name it he climbs on it.  I fear the day we lose his "little green blanket' because he loves it and his newest thing is, he likes me to scratch his back.   Four years of laughter, learning self control and snuggles. It is hard to see him grow up and I dread the day his soft chubby cheeks aren't there for me to kiss.  A few of my favorite photos of my snuggle bug.


Abby and Jacob said...

Wow! I can't believe he is 4! He's such a cutie!

Suzanne said...

He is a special boy for sure! We love him! We love all the Borges' :)