Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I wish I was an Octopus

Sounds funny to say, but today I wished I was an octopus.  Most days eight arms would be nice, reaching out to catch Jordan before he takes everything out of my makeup drawer, or make lunches and change a diaper,while feeding Lily.  How convienent this would be.  But, today I felt the need for a few extra arms for a completely different reason.  I had Lillian's 2month well check this morning and took Jordan and Reagan with me.  It is always a little crazy, they usually prepare for us by giving us the biggest room, and the staff knows how hectic it gets sometimes for me.  This morning wasn't any different in that regard.  By the time I had been there 10 minutes and barely had Lily's diaper off to get weighed, Jordan and Reagan had been in a fight to play with the school bus and Jordan had eaten a whole package of peanut butter crackers and a bag of fruit snacks.  Thankfully, I found a poptart in my bag and proceeded to stuff his face in between attempting to carry on a conversation with our nurse practitioner.  After Lily got assessed and we decided to give their flu shots and her immunizations, we realized Jordan had missed his 15mth check up and needed shots too.  So, we lined them up and started the process.  Needless to say, Reagan was very offended to have a flu mist up his nose and sat and cried while Lily cried because she kept getting taken off the boob.  And, then she got her shots and needed love.  To add to the chaos, it was Jordan's turn. Of course he cried his eyes out and so there I was.  Lily in my carrier nestled in my chest, holding Jordan with tears streaming down his face, resting his head on my shoulder and Reagan reaching up also wanting me to hold him.  My heart ached so badly and I wanted to wrap my arms around them all.  I just took a moment and prayed, thanking God for them and asking that he would help me comfort them so they would know how big mommy's heart was.  But most of all, I am thankful that God has enough arms to be with me in all of my moments while taking care of the many others that call on him.  And his arms are many and wide enough to comfort the worst of days and deepest sorrows.  Maybe I can't do it all but God gives me strength to get up and do what I can.  P.S.  Jordan only needed a lollipop to ease his pain, mommy even came second after that. ;)

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Annie said...

Girl.. what you need is a day at the spa!! I don't know how you do it! If I'm home, you can gladly drop one or two off with me if it would help ;)