Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reality setting in

Brian made it.  To Arizona that is.  He left last Tuesday and safely landed in Phoenix Friday mid morning.  He made good time considering he made an adventure out of it.  I couldn't believe he took his Toyota.  That thing is such an eye sore, but let me say, it keeps on keeping on.  Brian looked at me like I was crazy, when I asked him if he was taking it.  'Ah, yea why wouldn't I?', he said and I just laughed.  He told me he would drive it until it dies and unfortunately, I don't think it ever will.  Basically, he checked out all of the hot spots ahead of time.  Like the USS Alabama, Alamo, and Tombstone.  I teased him about his "little vacation" but I guess he really deserves it.    The boys, especially David are really starting to miss him. 
Mommy too. 
Life is all about experiences and God supplies them hoping we will use them to his glory.  I know I fail at that every day but as we begin this new journey, I consistently pray that in the midst of "missing everything", that I won't miss what experience God wants me to have.   With that in mind, the thing I will miss #7 is David's school, WCCA.  This experience is a great example of using it to God's glory.   I remember when we were considering where to send him for kindergarten.  I came across a flyer for Williston Central Christian Academy at his preschool and thought it odd, since I had never seen a christian school in Williston.  Long story short, it was the best decision we ever made.  To see where it all began and now as the school continues to grow, is so uplifting.  I believe David's decision to be baptized so early in his life was encouraged by him being at WCCA.   And, God has stepped in to provide a new school for he and Daniel in AZ.  When I went out with Brian to look for houses, we stopped at some schools.  None of them seemed to feel right and I was pretty shell shocked and discouraged for most of the trip.  Ironically, the one school that I didn't really care if we made it too or not, because I thought the name boring, turned out to be where God wanted us to send them.   At the end of a frustrating Friday afternoon, when most schools are already closed, this one wasn't.  And, had we been 15 minutes later we would've missed the director, whom took us on a tour, welcomed us with open arms and filled in all the blanks..........same class size, same tuition, same curriculum, day care on site.  It just felt right.  God glorified time after time. 
(field trip to peanut farm in williston)
Along with #7 is also Daniel's school.  Back in the summer things fell threw at his previous preschool. I was pretty bummed, thinking I wouldn't find the right place and sad to leave his teachers behind.  There are a number of daycares/preschools in Williston, believe it or not, but I just thought his other school was the "best".  But, once I made the decision to send him to Two by Two for Pre-K, I knew it was the right place.  Driving by, one would not think to put her kids there.  The building is old, needs paint and the playground is pretty dumpy.  However, looks are deceiving (and they are almost ready to build a new playground with the funds raised).  Because inside those walls of chipped paint and hand me downs are the best teachers who love their kids to the fullest.  Everything is structured, tidy and filled with kindest.  After having the boys there for only a couple months, I already felt so much affection toward their teachers.  It is sad to think that a portion of his class will move over to David's school for Kindergarten and Daniel will not- but it has been a good year there and I will miss everyone a lot and appreciate the care they took to make it feel like family.  
(field trip to pumpkin patch)

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