Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year ( and all that jazz)

"I got Gordon!!!"

Thank Heaven for play tents (it was raining all day)

Santa brought a cool cement mixer

Thanks Santa for the garbage truck

Another year has come and gone. Unbelievable. The anticipation of Christmas has now left a mellow, downer kind of feeling. I even noticed it in church last Sunday. The mood seemed exhausted, slow , almost depressed. What's that all about? I guess it's hard because all of us probably anticipate Christmas, in some way. Looking back, when I was little, I would keep my head covered while I sweat to death; afraid that Santa would know I was still awake. Ever year I would get a new baby doll and dreamed of being a mommy, taking my "baby" everywhere- (at least wherever a bike would take you). Now, being much older and a mom, I am evaluting the spirit of Christmas more and more. I would be lying if I said I didn't like receiving presents, but gradually I have found that receiving is less and less fulfilling. The highlight of my season was enjoying the lights on our tree and experiencing the "magic" with the boys. I felt more peace this year as I looked harder at the miraculous story of Jesus' birth and what it all means to me. It is easy, year after year to not pay attention or appreciate the magnitude of how our King came to earth and eventually saved me by his death on the cross. It is truly something to dwell upon. It is tricky now that I am a parent. How do you teach the true meaning of Christmas and yet allow your kids to enjoy the temporary perks of the "holiday". You have to address the Santa thing, they see him all over the place and hear about him from other children. So, deciding how to handle it is something to consider. Do you want to spoil the fun so soon as a child or let them have fun and trust the true meaning will penetrate through the other fluff. It just seems weird to me building up the anctipation of Santa coming, leaving him cookies, looking for reindeer ( which is all fun) and yet teaching the story of Jesus, our Saviour being born all in the same breath. I guess for us adults it seems confusing, because we compartmentalize- thankfully children don't do that. They take it all in and gratefully it all just works out.

This year, things were hectic because of Reagan in the mix, but grateful we were and it was nice to have time off from work even if I spent most of the time at home and missing some of the festivities going on. My parents came up Christmas day and we had a good day visiting and eating, while the kids tore up the house with their new play tent. It was another rainy day but thankfully cleared up at day's end.

2010. How do you say that? Twenty ten or Two thousand and ten? I didn't really think about it until I heard someone else ask the question. The comment was Twenty ten, sounds 'futuristic'. Personally, I like Two thousand and ten but I also still write checks and send mail via the post office. It can seem daunting coming up with new year resolutions, especially when I realize that I didn't keep the ones I made last year or I never had one. I decided this year I would make a few and stick to them. Not really resolutions but "improvements". I not only want to resolve some things from the past year but I want to become more than I was last year.

#1 Love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul and strength.

Pray that this will be evident in my words and actions.

#2 Love my husband better.

He puts up with my shortcomings but he definitely deserves more.

#3 Get in shape. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

#4 Stop using credit cards. Only use cash or save until I have the money I need.

#5 Be a blessing to someone everyday. Even if it's a few minutes or something small.

#6 Limit my chores so I appreciate my children more with my time.

#7 Be content. Love what I have. We all have too much stuff anyway.

#8 Listen more.

#9 Guard my mouth.

#10 Spend time with my Bible everyday.

I could probably come up with a million "improvements" but I think I'll start with these. Hopefully, when 2011 comes I can see how far I've come in all of these areas but most of all I will be more Christ like.


Abby and Jacob said...

I like the "limit my chores" one! I'm glad you enjoyed your christmas.

Teri said...

We are totally doing playdate at the Borges with those awesome trucks!! and yes, I did just invite myself over. LOVE your resolutions, I actually considered just copy and pasting them in as my own, ha ha. YOu're awesome, love you lady!

Suzanne said...

Julie...too cute. Deep thoughts and sort of asking for accountability are you? I think Teri has the right idea of cut and pasting your list. It is a good one. Oh how I want to catch up with you more in 2010 (twenty ten - haha).

Anonymous said...

#5 accomplished for Sunday! Loved spending some time with you over lunch! You give me hope that I can have two kids and survive since you are handling 3 like a pro!

Love ya!