Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two months and counting

Reagan, you are two months old. It has been an exciting time with you so far.
Mommy is very tired most days, but each day is getting a little better. You still wake up a few times at night to eat and typically like sleeping in your bouncy seat or in an upright position. You are a very gasey baby, just like your brothers were. I try to watch what I eat, but it doesn't seem to matter so we manage the best we can- you are going in to get weighed in a few days but mommy thinks you are growing well because you eat every 2-3 hrs. most days and when you are growing it is difficult to keep up with feeding you. And you are going through your diapers like crazy. This past week has been fun because you started smiling- not the gasey smile but with your eyes lighting up and a big 'ole grin on your face. You are looking at me right now with those big blue eyes. BLUE EYES! Can you believe it, where did they come from. I am so happy that you have blue eyes like me. You are starting to sleep better, (note pics) and mommy tries to keep you comfortable in most any place. You make a lot of noises in your sleep and wake yourself up when your hands move, so mommy still swaddles them down although you break out most of the time.

Your brothers David and Daniel want you to play trains with them and love to share their toys with you. David has been telling you he loves you everyday and they both kiss you often. You are a great shopper with mommy so far and ride in the car very well. You seem to like it a lot. Unfortunately, it has been extremely cold so most days we can't go outside. But, when it warms up I can't wait to take you outside and show you the birds and the trees and new sounds and feel the warm sunshine on your face. I am sure your blue eyes will look even more beautiful under the sun.


Katie said...

He's getting cuter everyday! Love the pictures with him and the big boys. Hang in there with sleeping.

Teri said...

Aww he is so precious! I can't wait to hold him now that my little cough is gone!!! He is just the sweetest little thing, and I love watching your boys with him it is too sweet. Gotta be careful or all that sweetness may make the little baby bug start giving me some baby fever...eeeks! I am praying for more sleep for you and you need to REST REST REST when you can, no more spring cleaning! You are cut off woman! I can't wait to see you again on Friday!

Abby and Jacob said...

He's always curled into a sleeping ball and covered up when I see him. It's nice to see his precious little face in those pics. Hopefully a full night's sleep will come sooner than you know.

Annie said...

cute cute cute boys!! Praying you get some rest!