Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boys will be boys

Posing his stout little self
Daniel's balancing act

David eating icicles

Munching on the "icicles"

January proved to be an extremely cold one for us "Floridians". And, not to mention busy. Hence, I am just now acknowledging it going into the first week of February. Aw, the love month. I really enjoy kisses and valentines, being sweet on my sweetie. Oh, but back to January. Yes, cold it was- difficult for a mom with three, one of which isn't heavier than a sack of potatoes. David and Daniel still needed their "unleashing", 30 degree weather or not those boys need to be outside. So, trying to stay warm was futile but we managed and I got good at keeping track of them from the couch where I spend many hours a day nourishing my little sack of potatoes.
Brian even"made" icicles for them and they loved it. Every morning they would run to the door to check if there were any frozen spears hanging from our tree. What a delight for them! All they wanted to do was eat them and thought it was funny when they starting melting on their head.

As their day progresses, I hear stories of how they are going on an adventure. This entails pushing their dump trucks out in the clearing , back in the woods- "we're going to the airport" they say, headed for "California". I guess that's how they connect to their grammy and papoo and cousins. Anyone going on a plane is bound for California. Or, their "adventure" might be marching through the daddy-made trails, searching for bears. Regardless of how the outdoor adventure starts out, it usually involves lots of dirt or recently because of all of the rain, lots of mud. As frustrating and exhausting as it can be, there is nothing more endearing than my little boys with mud covering them from head-to-toe- evidence of their passion at heart.

Daniel takes delight in aggravating David, taking his toys when he's not looking or sitting to close while watching a movie. He loves his big brother, hanging on his every word and repeating everything he says- just like it was his idea. Reagan is fitting in nicely. He just goes with the flow. Smiling, and cooing; blowing bubbles, with eyes just a sparkingly. David and Daniel have great big plans for teaching him all about trucks, trains and mud. Lord, help me!


Abby and Jacob said...

So much fun at the Borges'! Can you believe Reagan will be right there in the mix in no time?

Michele said...

Hi - I'm so happy to see this update! I'm back to checking your blog regularly for updates (no pressure!) and this one brought a big smile on a wet and grey Portland afternoon. We've actually had a warmer than normal winter so far - the sun had has been out the last couple days.
hugs and kisses for the love month :)

Katie said...

Love it! Warmer days are coming. Just wait until they start dragging Raegan out the door by one arm when you aren't looking or pushing him in the dump truck. Love those boys.