Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have newborn-will travel

making the boy smile

cousin Hannah loving on Reagan

grandma and her Sammy

one word - "adorable"

grammy and pappoo

The night before I left Reagan slept the longest night

Emily, Tammy, me, Reagan

grandma Riesterer, Sammy, Reagan, me and Mom "B"

Meeting Reagan for the first time

It's been a few weeks since I got back from my trip. Taking Reagan to California was a last minute decision. I must say I probably won't do something so drastic again. Don't get me wrong, it was a great visit- Reagan did wonderful on the plane, there were no flight delays, and seeing my in-laws was a treat. But, I really missed my "other" boys. I was constantly feeling like I had forgotten something and I truly missed Brian being there to help me on the plane. Reagan's first big travel adventure. The other two went on theirs at two months, so it was only fitting to keep up the trend. He and I had wonderful bonding time and he was so good for me while we traveled, I kept thanking him and loving on him for being such a good boy.

Once we arrived to San Francisco, Brian's dad was waiting for us and we made the trek home. Clare had a nice welcome dinner with Aunt Jan, Uncle Ron and Aunt Pidge. The warm welcome was just what I needed after my exhausting day. The next day, we took a road trip to Merced to see Brian's brother Kevin and Tammy and girls. That is always a fun visit and always too short. We miss them all so much. The girls loved Reagan to pieces and another great dinner was had. The next morning, after yummy blueberry muffins we headed back, just in time to see Stephanie and Shadd and celebrate River's 2nd birthday. We enjoyed the best grilled cheese sandwiches, I had ever had and of course Ben & Jerry's. Sunday was more a relaxed day. Still not having much sleep, b/c Reagan was on a different time schedule I decided to walk the mall. And, spent the day hanging out preparing to head back the next morning, bright and early. Reagan gave everyone his best smile and seemed to tag along well. Everyone was so thrilled to meet him and many memories were treasured. Especially, our visit to see great grandma Riesterer. She has 40 or 50 great grand kids, I think but to see her light up meeting a new one, was quite endearing.


Katie said...

Love the new blog look and the great travel memories. So glad you went, although I thought you were crazy at the time. God was faithful to answer prayers and I know they were so thankful to see ya'll.

Annie said...

Wow.. you go girl! I know they appreciated you making the effort to go visit, though I know it wasn't easy!!