Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3,000 miles away but worth every one

I always look forward to visiting Brian's family in California.  All of the cousins help out with the kids and they have so much fun.  Spending time with his parents and brothers and sister is such a blessing.  Each visit I think we all wish more and more that the distance between us would get shorter.  One of these days it might but until then we are making the most of it.
David and Daniel swam everyday in Grammy and Pappoo's pool.  They both kept their swimmies on but their courage and excitement took on a new life of its own.  Daniel was a little daredevil, sliding down the slide without any reservation and full of energy.  David also got past his fears and went down the slide numerous times as well as the diving board.  He even learned how to jump in doing cannonballs! We had a blast and loved the ease of bedtime after a long day in the pool.  It was amazing how fast their little eyes went shut. 
The flight out and back went well.  Reagan was a champ, as usual.  He got a cold while we were out there and ultimately ended up with a double ear infection.  Unfortunately, he wasn't diagnosed until we got back.  I felt so bad for him on the plane coming back but he hung in there and made it through.   (He's better now, although ear tubes are in his future). 
Most of the time we spent at the house hanging out and swimming.  One day, however, we ventured to Santa Cruz with the whole gang and made a day of it. It's basically a boardwalk on the beach, with rides and food and of course the beach.  The boys had a ball, they rode a train ride, airplane, skyline, ate huge ice cream cones and 'bout drown in the tide.  The water was really cold but they somehow managed to run through it and probably would've gone swimming had I let them.  Anyway, we walked out to the beach and played in the waves until the tide started coming in.  It snuck up quick and we got soaked up to our waists and Daniel went tumbling like a seashell swept up on shore.  We got him, but a little thrill for a minute.

Great grandma Gigi lives in an ACLF nearby so we were able to visit with her for awhile. She was doing o.k. for 103 years old.  She always has a smile on her face and the most gentle, sweet spirit. 

Brian and I had the pleasure of going out for dinner, which was so nice and we even stayed at a hotel for the night while grammy and pappoo took care of the boys.  I don't believe they missed us a bit.  Grammy and pappoo kept giving them more treats and were so much fun. What a fun treat though, to sleep all through the night.  Much thanks to grammy and pappoo.
It was difficult to say goodbye but knowing that we'll see them in December made it a little easier.  Thankfully we made it back safe and sound.


Annie said...

I can't imagine that long plane ride with 3 little ones.. but boy, does it look worth it! What fun! And.. and night off, what a treat!

Katie said...

Yeah!!! It was good to see all the memories. You guys soo deserved a night off. Yeah for grandparents!!! Miss you like crazy. So glad ya'll had fun.