Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things are changing

Well, the Borges house has experienced a few changes around here.

First, Reagan turned 9 months this month.  Can't believe it! It is busy trying to keep up with everyone, it snuck up on me.  He's still the sweetest thing- just goes with the flow.  He doesn't seem to anxious to crawl or stand, although he's been sitting on his own for awhile and he does the airplane move on his belly, kicking his legs feverishly behind him, like he may take off.  Just this week he got up on his knees by himself, I am hoping he'll want to see what all of the fuss is about.  I know he has it in him, b/c he moves around the floor somehow, just not the conventional way.  He got two of his front teeth, on the bottom a few weeks ago and his second two, on top, are coming through more each day.  He is very noisy, likes to hear himself talk and babble and loves to listen to you sing.  It'll calm him right away if he's upset, just for someone to start singing.  He really loves patty-cake and laughs hysterically when he is tickled.  It is so funny! He seems to know his name and is very fond of his big brothers.

Second, David has become the big helper around the house. He surprises me sometimes b/c he'll come in the kitchen and ask ' is there anyting I can do for you?'. Admittedly, my first inclination is to say no thank you, but I am learning to relinquish some of my control (freak) attitude and let him. He actually made his own PB& J the other day! He enjoys picking out MANY items in the grocery store and putting them on the belt, and then helps carry the bags in, once we get home.  It is quite the treat and I feel so proud of him, taking on the big boy role.

Third, Daniel is almost 100% potty trained. He wears underwear all day, except for naptime and at night and rarely has an accident.  He even made it through school this week two days, with underwear.  Besides, being so proud of him, it has been great not having to buy anymore pull-ups.  Thanks to Grammy B for getting the ball rolling, there's no turning back now.

As for mommy and daddy, we walk here and there and every where, only flying in the sky.  And, we can make our own pb&j, while being in our underwear. :)


Abby and Jacob said...

You wear underwear??? (Sorry, couldn't help it)

I love Reagan's go-with-the-flow peaceful and happy!

Congrats on the potty training. Can I borrow your Granny B when the time comes?

Katie said...

I need Granny B too!!! Those boys are growing up so fast. Oh, how I miss ya'll!!! Please keep blogging. I don't want to miss so much going on with you.