Thursday, September 16, 2010

From trash to treasure

Most friends of ours know how great Brian is mechanically.  However, what most may not know, is how brilliant and economically inclined he is! It is a little embarrassing to share, but so far he has brought home two initally, non-working machines and got them working for about the price of peanuts.  I am usually a little reluctant to see what he may bring home from the dump (we have to take our trash in), especially if he may want to use it in the house.  Thankfully, this has never happened but recently the captured items have been very useful. 

The first is a commercial mosquito trap.  If anyone has ever been out to the "Borges ranch", especially at night, then you know how bad the mosquitoes can be.  Brian has been wanting one of these machines for awhile and warned me that we would soon spend $500-1,000 to get one.  Praise the Lord that my husband is a great mechanic! He got this one working for a few hundred bucks and after tweaking with it patiently, it's working.  David checks it everyday, to make sure there are mosquitoes in the net and we've already noticed less attacks by the pests. 

Second, is a John Deere tractor that the boys are loving.  It apparently had a wire that wasn't hooked up or something, but Brian got it running and besides missing it's hood- runs like a champ.  David has learned how to drive, like a pro and has been explaining to me the correct sequence of R, 1, 2.  He drives around the yard convinced that he is mowing, and takes it very seriously, the changing the gear thing.  Daniel on the other hand, isn't quite as proficient with the gears and scares us half to death when he's behind the wheel.  Just imagine, crazy almost 3 yr old Daniel behind the wheel- in second gear, with a huge smile on his face yelling "WHEE!".  Then seconds later you see/hear BOOM! and see that he's ran into a tree or another stationary object.  All the while laughing out loud the whole way.
So, until the next trip to the dumps.  Who knows what was someone else's trash will become our treasure. :)


Annie said...

Awesome! The mosquito thing is really cool, especially if it works! Chad will be impressed. Our husbands are very similar (in some ways anyway!) Tell Brian that Chad made me a little wooden bat (yes) out of the lathe that was unloaded into our garage. I guess a trash to treasure project of our own. Though a little less useful! (in my opinion anyway!)

Teri said...

I am so impressed with him! I know I have told you this over and over but wow, he really amazes me. The mosquito machine is amazing! You had me cracking up at my computer mentioning silly Daniel driving, I sure do love that kid. Well I love them all but Daniel makes me laugh especially, everything he does and says is funny. =) I will call you soon about this weekend!

Abby and Jacob said...

Oh, I know the feeling! Jacob brought something home this week, in fact. The good thing is, if it doesnt work out, you just take it back on your next trip. At least the large majority of the stuff from the trash drop off place isnt too large, it is when they bring home the old pieces of large equipment that I worry. But at least those can make money!

Katie said...

Way to go, Bryan! These guys sure are handy to have around, aren't they?? Love the tractor. Miss you guys and some Borges backyard.