Monday, October 4, 2010

Family ties that bind

Went to Pt. Charlotte to celebrate my mom's 67th birthday.  It was difficult to get away during this weekend, but it was important.  My brother Mark and his wife Mie, pronounced (Mee-ey) were here from California. After spending a few moments with them, I couldn't believe it had been 2 yrs. since I had seen them.  The east/west coast is so hard.  It seems when I am ready for the day to end and my head hits the pillow, the "west coasters", (my in-laws included) want to talk. I can't blame them, when I lived in Arizona, I was the same way.  It's weird but when you're the one out there, it seems like you're on another planet and it's perplexing to me that a whole other world is going on, or has ended 3 hrs. ahead. 
Anyway, we had a great time being together for my mom's birthday.  I think she really cherished her celebration and enjoyed the excitement that surrounded her.  We actually were able to get a family picture with all of us and the boys tolerated the many takes that insued. I made her a mocoa cake that turned out good, but I thought a little heavy on the coffee flavor.  She seemed to like it thought, which is what counts and I enjoyed making a new recipe. For her gift, we got her a pair of sapphire earrings to match her necklace I had gotten her a few years ago.  She seemed really overwhelmed by them and kept saying how beautiful they were.
We took the boys to the harbour, which is a cheap, easy, and closer alternative to the beach.  However, we found out in an untimely manner that there was warnings for bird droppings.  Apparently, the seagulls are nesting on shore and spending more time than usual hanging around. Great.  After we just waded and swam in the water for the past hour.  Thankfully, nobody got sick and the next time I guess I'll have to be more adventurous and head to the real beach.  The boys did see a big crab hanging out on the dock, which they thought was way cool.
It's always weird going "home".  I have a lot of memories there growing up. Many aren't that good either, especially the high school years,  b/c of my old boyfriend.  In some way it feels like a healing process each time I go back and I thank God over and over for bringing the man I married and replacing those not so good memories, with new healthly great ones.

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Teri said...

So sweet, glad you got to spend time with your family and yay for saphire .. you may have just given me ideas for my mom's Christmas presents. =)

On the healing and replacing bad memories, I am sure you are onto something big God is doing in you, that is awesome.