Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daniel turns 3

Another birthday, another year. Another wonderful reason to celebrate. Daniel is 3 today! (Well, September 29th to be exact)  A little rougher around the edges but for the most part a joyful three year old.  I have definitely seen the feistiness come out over the past year and he really likes to stir things up.  He gets the biggest delight out of taking things from David and letting him chase after him, crying- like the world has come to an end. (Feisty).  He burps at the table and loves to gargle his juice.  (Feisty). He runs through the house naked, yelling at the top of his lungs; obviously showing off his manhood with pride. (Feisty). This feisty boy however, has the softest, sweetest kisses and shows his tender side when he's sleeping quietly enjoying the comfort of his pacifer (I haven't had the heart to take it away cold turkey), and still on occasion will ask to "hold me".   He potty trained almost without any intervention and has been sporting his undies for a few months now. 
He knows four Bible verses and almost always asks to say grace at meals.  He loves going to "school" (day care) and his Sunday and Wednesday classes at church. He's not very shy and will try just about anything.  We went to the springs for the first time and he jumped off the tree swing without hesitation and has learned to drive their 2 speed tractor like a pro.
He celebrated his birthday with dinosaur cupcakes at school and a spaghetti dinner with grandma and papa Stalnaker that evening.  And, more cake.  He got a new bike but isn't interested in riding it but will wear his helmet when we go for walks.  He carried his #3 candle around the house for the whole week and seemed to enjoy his glorious moment when he blew it out, realizing that he was a new number now.   He still thinks his birthday is going on, because he is still getting cards in the mail and wants to eat cake and ice cream after every meal. 
                                                        Showing off his new fireman boots. These boys have been
                                                        5 pairs of boots since they started walking! The walkway he's
                                                        standing on, Brian made when he was doing cement in the pole barn.
                                                        All the boys have their names and hand prints in it.  Love it! We'll be
                                                        it up when we move one day.                             

                                          Daniel's First Easter 7 months
8 months
Daniel is a riot is all I can say.  He is tough on the outside but so sweet on the inside. Every day is a new adventure with him and I cherish each one, praying we will have many more and praying ultimately that he will come to know Jesus.  Happy Birthday Snugglebug.

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Suzanne said...

Awe... so sweet. Daniel you are so super cute. Love the cupcakes Julie. You did a great job on the post. We are so thankful for The Borges Family. It is hard to imagine what this sweet boy will be doing 10 or 20 yrs from now, but God does and I am sure it is great and full of adventure!